Thomas A. Cardwell

Advisor, Federal Systems

Thomas (Tom) Cardwell, Ph.D. has over 47 years of experience in program management, analytical studies, systems management and engineering, systems integration, and financial planning. He has over 20 years of corporate executive experience in program management, systems engineering, human relations, information technology and command and control systems in both domestic and international programs.

Dr. Cardwell has served as a Vice President and Operations and Division Managers in Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). He also served as an USAF Officer on the Joint Staff, Air Staff and Major Command Staff, and as Deputy Commander for Operations and as a Wing Commander. He retired from active duty after 28 years as a colonel in 1993 and retired after 19 years as a Vice President with SAIC in 2012.

While at SAIC he managed numerous Command and Control programs for the USAF, Royal Saudi Air Force, Pakistan Army, and Jordanian Special Operations Command (Jordanian Armed Forces). He also developed the Saudi ARAMCO’s Ten Year Information Technology Master Plan, the Maritime Management Information System Architecture for the Ministry of Communications, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was the Program Manager for the Data Tagging System (Documentum Document Management System) for the US National Drug Intelligence Center. Dr. Cardwell was the program manager for the Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force Tactical Air Control System. He assisted in the development of battle staff management and planning software, and command and control systems for United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. He also worked with the USN on the Royal Saudi Navy C4I Program and with the USAF on the C-NBC Counter Proliferation Prevention Program. Colonel Cardwell (USAF, Ret) retired from active duty as a command pilot in fighter and trainer aircraft. Additionally, Colonel Cardwell is a former commander of the European Tactical Air Control Wing and prior to retirement was Commander of the Air Force Studies and Analyses Agency, The Pentagon, in Washington, D.C. In 1967 he served a combat tour at DaNang Vietnam flying the F-4. Col Cardwell flew 100 missions over North Vietnam.

Dr. Cardwell holds the following degrees: Bachelor of Business Administration (Texas A&M University), Masters of Science (University of Southern California) and Ph.D. (Pacific Western University). He also attended The Tuck Executive Program, Amos Tuck School of Business Administration, Dartmouth College. Dr. Cardwell is also the CEO of The Cardwell Group, in Williamsburg, VA and serves on the Board of Directors of Zenhire.