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Financial Services

For financial services companies in particular, information and data drive the business and are critical assets of the organization. As with any company in today’s marketplace, complete and accurate information is critical for success. Information must be managed correctly to deliver fundamental business value to any business and financial services companies have an added burden of complying with legislation standards as well.

For financial services companies, financial data is considered a strategic asset. These organizations are quite aware that data quality is essential for regulatory compliance, decision making and customer service. However, despite this recognition, half of all financial services companies do not manage information and data at the enterprise level, meaning they do not have a united ERP software solution in place at a cross functional level. The shortfall in visibility and control over information leads to inconsistent data that is unreliable and will erode the foundation of the business.

Our ERP and CRM software solutions for financial service companies allow organizations to manage accounting functions, comply with ever-changing regulations, streamline communication with customers and staff, and position themselves for increased profitability. With this service, you’ll experience improved:

  • Compliance satisfaction
  • Financial management controls
  • Management of liquidity and cash
  • Risk management
  • Receivables management
  • Accounting and reporting to satisfy different government standards
  • Treasury applications
  • 360° visibility of your customers

PLANIT Group has industry specific expertise that helps achieve measurable business improvements. We have provided ERP and CRM consulting services for many of the world’s leading financial institutions and our consultants will assist your organization throughout the entire process.