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Innovation. Integration. Integrity.

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At PlanIT Group - Reputation is Everything. 

PlanIT Group promotes a creative, customer-driven work environment – assigning the most well-equipped teams of problem solvers to project sites to exceed our customers’ expectations. We provide joint-capability delivery, and our team of experts are both capable and flexible in order to attend to our customer’s needs. 

We've made a point to instill the importance of ethics and social accountability in our employees. Integrity, trustworthiness, and transparency are of the utmost importance to us. We also take the time to emphasize the public responsibility to uphold these standards with financially solid accounting practices. 

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Our Core Values

Commitment to Client’s Success

Serving clients is the reason that PlanIT Group exists. Client service will be central to our thoughts and actions, and we strive to provide a streamlined and efficient delivery model to our clients.

Commitment to Each Other’s Success

We work to assist and provide support to colleagues wherever possible. We're a team and it shows in through our support. 

Respect and Trust

We develop and maintain the respect and trust of others. We contribute to our common goals and common success for ourselves and our clients.

Commitment to Our Community

We actively look for opportunities to serve our communities and families, and feel a responsibility to make our communities better places to work and live.

Responsible and Accountable Leadership

Achieving our vision and aggressive goals depend on the strength and depth of our leadership capabilities. To continue on our course of growth and market success, we need people capable of building the business and building an organization of enduring value.

Teamwork and Collaboration

We work to serve clients and each other as a team, basing our decisions and actions on what is best for our clients and company.

Integrity in Our Actions

We uphold the highest professional standards, provide sound counsel to our clients, and are completely open and honest with each other.

Performance-Based Culture

We are committed to supporting and helping our team members develop both professionally and personally.

Unique Performance Reviews

We measure and reward our people based on individual and team performance. Client success and satisfaction are the most important performance criteria while additional metrics and goals are to be planned and measured regularly to monitor and track performance.

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Clients engage PlanIT Group for our expertise, innovative approach, and our exceptional team of managers and recruiters. Integrity and innovation are the core principles of our company philosophy, and we integrate that into everything we do. Our customers engage us to create solutions to complex mission challenges, and PlanIT delivers. Our staffing management, operations, transition, and quality control plans deliver proven high-quality services using proactive management practices, standardized processes, and a highly trained workforce. 

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