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Our Mission is Your Success!

At PlanIT Group, we emphasize a performance-based culture, and are committed to professional and personal development. Client success and satisfaction are the most important performance criteria while additional metrics and goals are planned and measured regularly to monitor and track performance.

Simply put, we gauge our success by the level of results we are able to help our clients achieve. This philosophy translates into a team-based approach to every project, not only within our own organization, but also inclusive of our clients. By opening the door to finding forward-thinking and creative solutions to business and technology problems, we're able to invigorate the existing work force while also expanding upon our expertise.

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Our History in the Industry

Our executives and advisory personnel are creative problem solvers, execution specialists, and fearless thinkers. They've built PlanIT Group to mirror that approach by seeking out team members who are intelligent, thorough and committed to every client. As an organization, we are able to provide our clients a hand-selected group of exceptional listeners who apply our collective knowledge and capabilities to identify needs and develop the right solutions.

Our goal is to develop a close, long-term working environment that fosters efficiency, trust, and accountability. Successfully reached, this objective creates equal levels of satisfaction for both employees and clients alike. 

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Clients engage PlanIT Group for our expertise, innovative approach, and our exceptional team of managers and recruiters. Integrity and innovation are the core principles of our company philosophy, and we integrate that into everything we do. Our customers engage us to create solutions to complex mission challenges, and PlanIT delivers. Our staffing management, operations, transition, and quality control plans deliver proven high-quality services using proactive management practices, standardized processes, and a highly trained workforce. 

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