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PlanIT Group stays on the cutting edge of technology, and that combined with our years of experience providing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in healthcare program management, business analysis, systems integration, and business processes assures our customers that their initiatives will be delivered on time and on budget. Our management personnel work with our clients to develop on-site PMO capabilities, project tracking tools, and to make recommendations for the restructuring of development staff, resulting in increased throughput for system changes and, ultimately, a happier customer.

PlanIT Group maintains a database of seasoned Healthcare IT consultants to quickly respond to customer needs. Our recruitment team stays ahead of the staffing curve by keeping in constant contact with top industry resources, many of whom have supported other client projects. This puts us in prime position to generate referrals of other top Healthcare IT personnel to fill in any gaps within our bench. 

Let us show you some of the successes our clients have realized by using PlanIT Group!

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PlanIT Group specializes in Healthcare Program Management, Business Analysis, Systems Integration and Process Recommendations. We've partnered with industry leaders in the space and positioned ourselves to support many of the nation's largest Health and Human Services Programs. Building on a more than a decade of performance in the Medicare Medicaid Information Services, PlanIT Group has supported several states on their Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) initiatives including North Carolina, California, New York, and Puerto Rico. Our support covered the development of a comprehensive MMIS Replacement System. Using modern technologies including service-oriented architecture, web portals, and workflow management applications, PlanIT Group helped develop a business process-oriented strategy which was fully aligned with the CMS Medicaid Information Technology Architecture. 

Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS)
Affordable Care Act (ACA)
HIPAA Operating Rules
Medicare Part D
Policy Identification Support, Codification & Access
Information Security & Assurance
Call Center Development

Expertise and Experience 

PlanIT Group is a global agency with a proven track record of success. We specialize in international recruitment and can showcase how we’ve helped companies achieve their global hiring goals. PlanIT combines expertise, legal knowledge, and a vast talent network to help companies build effective teams across continents.


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