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NATO Support: Uniting Strength, Ensuring Security

Global Security

Partnering for Peace: Collaborating with NATO to Ensure Global Security

Supporting NATO efforts is not just a commitment to collective defense but also a dedication to upholding shared values of democracy, freedom, and security.

Beyond conventional military support, contributing to NATO efforts encompasses a wide array of capabilities, including intelligence sharing, cyber defense, and counterterrorism cooperation. Intelligence collaboration enhances situational awareness and enables proactive responses to emerging security threats, bolstering NATO's ability to adapt to evolving challenges. Cyber defense cooperation is vital in safeguarding critical infrastructure and networks against cyberattacks, ensuring the resilience of NATO's digital infrastructure and member states' defense capabilities. Additionally, counterterrorism cooperation involves sharing best practices, conducting joint exercises, and coordinating efforts to counter extremist ideologies and disrupt terrorist networks, underscoring NATO's commitment to combating terrorism in all its forms.

PlanIT Group has a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) with NATO and our leadership has over 25 years' experience in supporting various efforts. From Bosnia to Poland, PlanIT Group has supported NATO as a partner to U.S. as well as European companies. 

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A Partner for Success

PlanIT Group has supported several large NATO programs, including the NATO IT Modernization (ITM), ITM-R, Urgent Obsolescence Mangement (UOM), HP Printer Deployment, and Advisory & Assistance Support (A&AS). Our support has covered conflicts in various regions and all NATO countries in Europe. 

Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA)
Capture Management
Proposal Development & Submission
Cyber Security
Modernization Efforts
Wireless Network Design & Implementation
Staffing Support, European Personnel
U.S. Mission Relationships
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