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Research Scientist


Andover, MA On-Site Flexibility/Remote: 0%

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Job Description: Lockheed Martin Energy is commercializing the GridStar® Flow battery for long-duration grid energy storage to enable enhanced grid resiliency and decarbonization. The Client flow battery is based on a proprietary chemistry comprising redox-active inorganic coordination compounds. During this 3-6 month position the candidate will work closely with PhD chemists and engineers to develop improved, scalable synthetic routes and processes to target compounds as next-generation electrolytes.

Location: GridStar® Flow development facility in Andover, MA (20 miles north of Boston).
Job Duties will include:
• Working independently in a chemistry lab to execute chemical reactions (e.g. organic and inorganic chemistry, air-free synthesis, gram-to-kilogram scale reactions) and evaluate progress against success metrics (e.g. reaction yield and process cost).
• Analytical data collection and interpretation to guide further optimization and cost reduction (e.g. product analysis by HPLC, LC-MS, NMR, UV-vis, cyclic voltammetry, and other characterization techniques).
• Supporting general lab upkeep and management.
• Compiling and communicating results to colleagues and management.
• Writing summary reports and technology transfer packages as required.

Required Basic Qualifications:
• PhD in a field of chemistry.
• Expertise in organic and organometallic chemical synthesis.
• Experience using analytical data to guide and optimize chemical processes.
• Excellent presentation and communication skills.

Desired Skills:
• Experience with HPLC, LC-MS, NMR, UV-vis, cyclic voltammetry, and other analytical and/or electrochemical characterization techniques.
• Experience executing kinetic monitoring experiments.
• Experience with pilot scale equipment.
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