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Bothell, WA Contract On-Site Flexibility/Remote: 0%

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Job Description:
Performs a variety of duties in the electronic, mechanical, electromechanical, and/or optical areas.
Constructs, troubleshoots, calibrates, adjusts, tests, diagnoses, and maintains equipment, components, devices, or systems.
Works from schematics, engineering drawings and written or verbal instructions.
Operates related equipment; conducts tests and reports data in prescribed format.
Performs calibration and alignment checks; makes adjustments, modifications, and replacements as directed; prepares prescribed compounds and solutions.
Desired Skills:
Required Experience/Skills:
* Experience in wire harness build and routing.
* Mechanical assembly history and familiarity building and testing electrical systems and circuit boards.
* Educational background and/or experience in electronics or optics. Experience running, testing, and measuring lasers or complex optical systems.
* Exceptional lab skills: ability to prototype, test, and debug electronics
* Experience in handling fiber, fiber splicing equipment including fiber polishing equipment.
* Experience in testing anal
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